Enter has been my response to the assignment about Light in the Space. After a semester full of learning about light and experimenting with its principles, I was finally able to tell a story of what light means to me. Light is a place that I can take with me anywhere I go. 

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That summer, before I moved to Linköping for the expo, I worked as a volunteer in an organization that is teaching young people how to grow your own food. Together we learned how to dig out beds, how to take care of currants and once I even led a workshop on how to grow your own moss.

Mario was a smart and smiling boy who fled to Sweden from Iran. One day, when we were replanting salads together, he told me about his journey. It lasted for several weeks. He first had to go to Turkey, then across the sea to Greece, followed by Serbia, Croatia, Austria, finally arriving in Germany from where he was transported to Sweden. He spent several nights out in the rain without a shelter, hiding from the police, asking for food and water. He ran without knowing where, but he never thought of giving up. When Mario noticed that I was a little embarrassed, he said: Come, let’s water the pumpkins now.