When I look into a today’s apartment, I see a sofa with a little side table alongside one wall. Then I see a dining table with two chairs alongside the second wall, while a shelving system and a TV table are in direct contact with the third wall. Is it just me, or does everything seem to happen in relation to the walls? 

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In my proposal, I took upon myself to liberate the furniture from the walls and center it around the middle of the room. I imagine that that is where the fireplace would have been placed.

I bought half a ton of concrete and I began working on the individual objects, based on the altered floor plan. The objects ranged from a dining table with two chairs to a two-meter long sofa. In the end I had to wait for the moss to take root. After that, I packed the objects into a car and transported them from Stockholm to Linköping’s Home Expo 2017. What did the visitors think of it?

To be honest, most of the visitors were more interested in the contents of my fridge and my bathroom than in the project itself. But one elderly lady came up to me, and whispered in my ear that it is the truth. Then she grabbed a cinnamon bun and as she disappeared through the door I realised that my project was meaningful.

Note: I dedicated my work to the Stockholm based Den Gulliga Folkrorelsen DGF organization, in which I worked as a volunteer during the summer.